Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

This past weekend, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and other nearby cities were abuzz with the arrival of the famed How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at the grand Tacoma Dome! Radio stations were talking about it constantly, as were news channels, and they had good reason to. After a fantastic publicity campaign on the last tour, people were realizing that to attend was the chance of a lifetime. It truly is. Personally, I'm hoping it comes to Tacoma again, if they plan another tour.

My thoughts: Arriving at the venue, the first thing I noticed was the number of semi trucks parked outside. There were 30, and the entire event fit into them, driving around the country to each new location. Once inside, it was clear the Dome would be packed full. After the event, it took over 10 minutes to drive from the parking spot to the exit, about a thousand feet away, because of traffic. The next day, even the owner of a bookstore nearby had noticed many people parking in his lot for the event. All that to say, people didn't want to miss this, for good reason.

While finding seats, the back screen and floor were lit up as seen above, with the Dreamworks logo. It impresses me that Dreamworks has retained control on this tour, both in animation, production, and the script. This truly is an event for the whole family, young and old, whether you've seen or haven't seen the movie (or read the books).

The show's use of animation was very strong in the beginning, and wondrous. It disappointed me that they didn't keep it as strong closer to the end, but they focused more on the story. As seen above, Hiccup (played by Ramian Newton) is riding an animated dragon. I won't give away more details on that, but the tour definitely uses their resources creatively, and immerses you in their world.

A big part of this world, and a big purpose of the tour, is to show off the dragons. And they were spectacular. Breathing fire, flying, and even swimming, the dragons were the selling point. The most amazing part was their attitude and character! Even from a distance, you could tell when they were impatient, scared, excited, or grumpy. Toothless was the best in this area, as he should be.

The next-best part of the show was the acrobatic and upbeat nature of the actors and music. The soundtrack (for the most part) was the same as in the movie, and the cast had several chances to dance to it, but my favorite was the curtain call routine to Jรณnsi's "Sticks and Stones". There were also several scenes in which characters would fly up and around the middle of the Dome, as with the image below, they would also appear at doors in the walls.

Hiccup (Ramian Newton), Astrid (Sarah McCreanor), and the rest of the cast did a fantastic job. It felt just like a night spent in another world.

This is an event you and your family should not miss. Tickets are not terribly expensive, for regular seating, and it's absolutely worth it. The tour's next stops are: Fresno, CA, San Jose, CA, Sacramento, CA, and Anaheim, CA. Get your tickets here!

Toothless and I would like to wish you a wonderful day!


  1. Nice review. I love How to Train Your Dragon and this sounds like fun. Do you know of a website where I can check to see if they will be in anymore states than California? Thanks

  2. Thank you!

    You can go to this link to find the dates, but the only other state is Utah, and that's been postponed.

  3. Hi! What's your point of view on who are your average readers?

    1. Hmm, interesting question. At first, it was only those interested in Christian fiction (fantasy, thriller, sci-fi, etc.). Lately, though, I've been working towards film, music, and local events as well. I'm going to bring back some good fantasy book reviews soon!