Friday, December 28, 2012

Apollo 13: Mission Control review

Apollo 13: Mission Control is an interactive theater show where the audience sit at replica consoles and become Mission Control for one of the greatest survival stories of the 20th century. There are switches to be flicked, monitors to study and phone calls to make. One lucky audience member even gets to become an astronaut and travel into space for the evening! Apollo 13: Mission Control has sold out audiences in New Zealand and Australia and is launching its USA tour here in Tacoma.

From the moment you step inside the briefing room, the audience is met with an authentic atmosphere, with "reporters" and "astronauts" walking around, mixing with the crowd. "Walter Cronkite" comes and introduces himself and others, even inviting one member of the audience to become an astronaut for the show! Then, the show-goers make their way to mission control, where they choose a console seat.

At the consoles, each of the seats are different, replicating the importance of what you're set up to do. Some have phones, some screens and earphones, and nearly all (if not all) have switches. While some stations are busier than others, the cast tries to include and interact with every person who has come, even the children! Overhead screens show the astronauts, including the guest, and it is very surreal, knowing that these events really took place.

Because of the reality this show draws on, the roles are very relevant and challenging, putting you in the situation: What would you do if things went terribly wrong? When alarms flash and blare around you, are you baffled and scared, or calm and troubleshooting? While there is some great comic relief, this show reveals some of what it was like to hold the lives of the astronauts in your care. It also reveals mission control's triumph of returning the astronauts to earth alive.

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