Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular coming soon!

In two weeks (Dec. 6-9), the How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular tour stops at the Tacoma Dome in Washington for a massive performance! See some interesting facts below, and watch for the price discount code!

Number of Dragons

  • 13 Dragons
  • 9 Different Species Represented

5 Large Dragons: Dragons Come to Life!

  • Night Fury (Toothless)
    • Height at shoulder 9ft x 28ft long & wingspan of 33ft.
    • Has a full range of facial expressions and emotions.
    • The Toothless boom took 15 months to build with the help of 65 practitioners.
    • There are 16 separate wireless networks used to coordinate/communicate/control everything from Toothless’ eye blink to a flame ball explosion.
  • Deadly Nadder
    • Height at shoulder 13ft x 39ft long & wingspan of 30ft.
    • Shoots smoke to set fire to his enemies!
  • Monstrous Nightmare
    • Height at shoulder 11ft x 50ft long & wingspan of 46ft.
    • Stretches across the sides of the arena from head to tail!
  • Gronckle
    • Height at shoulder 10ft x 25ft long & wingspan of 16ft.
    • Blows smoke rings 100 feet across the floor!
  • Red Death
    • The largest animatronic ever built by Creature Technology Company!
    • Head and neck total length 39ft+, head 16ft wide and 20ft high, tail is 66ft long.
    • It took 12 months with approximately 48 practitioners working on it.
  • Each large dragon contains:
    • 885 feet of hydraulic hose.
    • About 1000 square feet of dragon skin.
    • 430 cubic feet of foam.
    • 20 gallons of paint.
    • 13 kilowatts of power from 18 truck batteries.
    • Half a mile of cabling in each body.
    • 24 microprocessors control movement along with 15 hydraulic rams and 6 hydraulic motors each.
A special offer is being extended to families in Seattle, WA where the show comes to town December 6th -9th.

The special discount code "MOM" entitles the patron to save 25% on Thursday- and Friday-night shows (regular ticket price: $36 - $51).  This ensures the whole family can come out for a memorable night for this not-to-miss event!

Go to www.dreamworksdragonslive.com to purchase tickets and other ticket information.

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