Wednesday, June 20, 2012

See People Like Us before it hits theaters!

You may have heard recently that I've had a few chances to see movies before their theater release date. Now, you can do this too, if you live in the Seattle area! On June 26th (next Tuesday), you can go see People Like Us (starring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, and Olivia Wild) free! Don't know what the movie's about? Just watch the trailer below.

If you've seen The Ultimate Gift, this looks to be similar to that. Here are your necessary instructions:

  1. Log in (or create an account) at
  2. Use the code "884944" to gain access to your ticket(s).
  3. Download and print your tickets, because you must present them at the screening. EACH TICKET ADMITS TWO PEOPLE.
  4. Show up at the theater that appears on your ticket, on Tuesday, June 26th, at 6 PM (movie starts at 7).

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