Thursday, May 24, 2012

CSFF Blog Tour: Beckon

Beckon, Tom Pawlik, Tyndale House, Suspense, March 16, 2012, 416 pages.


Some things weren’t meant to be discovered. But once they’re unleashed, there’s no turning back.

Beneath the town of Beckon, a terror hides, lurking in the darkness. Waiting.

Three people are drawn to the small Wyoming town for very different reasons. Anthropologist Jack Kendrick comes looking for clues to his father’s disappearance. Police officer Elina Gutierrez arrives in the near-deserted town on the trail of her missing cousin. And George Wilcox is lured by the promise of a cure for his wife’s illness.

All are looking for answers. But as they draw closer to discovering the town’s chilling secret, the real question becomes . . . will their quest uncover a miracle, or release an unspeakable evil?

My thoughts:

All in all, Beckon wasn't as thrilling as Vanish and Valley of the Shadow were. The plot was good, and the Biblical message was wonderful. But it doesn't deliver to seekers of intensity. The characters are real, but one doesn't easily identify with them. I couldn't predict exactly what would happen. Many characters die, and they're not always who you expect them to be. I find that rarer in current thrillers and speculative fiction.

In conclusion, I would say that if one is looking for something to read, this is an option, but I would not put it as one of drastic importance.

This book was provided free by the publisher, in conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour and the Tyndale Blog Network. I was not required to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed are my own.

My rating: 3 stars

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