Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Errant King

The Errant King, The Dark Sea Annals, Wayne Thomas Batson, Living Ink Books, Fantasy, November 15, 2011, 507 pages.

Synopsis: Deep in the caves of the distant Hinterlands, an ancient menace stirs. Townsfolk shudder at violent memories of The Red Queen and even dare to whisper the name Raudrim. At the same time, word comes to Alastair that Cythraul has at last resurfaced, seeking a devastating weapon in the ruins of Grayvalon. Blood-soaked clues lead Alastair into a confrontation from which only one warrior will return alive. Meanwhile in Anglinore, young Lochlan Stormgarden, the new High King of Myriad, leaves the pomp and politics of the throne once too often. While blending in with the people of his kingdom, Loch suddenly realizes that he's put them all at risk. The fate of his new found love Arianna, his best friend Telwyn, his family, and indeed the world of Myriad all depend on the decisions of the errant king.

My thoughts: I was quite impressed with The Errant King, Batson's newest work. Knowing that many reviewers said there were too many characters, I disagree. There were certainly many "extras," if you may, but the amount of important characters was not overwhelming. This was aided by the fact that most came from separate settings and situations, which each showed us new pieces of Myriad. For this reason, among others, this book has become very important to the series. We don't encounter the same old problems, character flaws, and reasoning as we would have, had the story dawdled in Anglinore (the capital). The land of Myriad has matured in the series, as have the characters themselves. I found Loch's excursions and remarks comical and enjoyable, Shepherd Sebastian's advice compelling, and Fred's jovial manner refreshing.

When it comes to the story itself, The Errant King is a big set-up. Many pieces come in place, but the final result is still a mystery. The tragic ending served its purpose, and hinted at what a massive chess-game this series will become. Batson has become good at chess, it appears. I await his next move eagerly.

My rating: 5 stars

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  1. I love the way you write your book reviews! :-) I haven't read all of The Errant King, yet. I like how you describe the series as being a massive chess-game... I agree. Mr. Batson is an awesome writer!

  2. Thank you Ryan! You're very encouraging.