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Star Chosen

Star Chosen, Joe Chiappetta, self-published, Science Fiction, March 15, 2010, 126 pages.

Synopsis: Deleting history was just the beginning. Blast off with STAR CHOSEN, a space opera of post-biblical proportions! After war, heartbreak, attacks to your faith, and the erasure of all history and culture, whose side will you fight on: the Proud... or the Chosen? Xeric Award winner and Ignatz Award nominee Joe Chiappetta crafts "Star Chosen," a science fiction epic for all ages. In a time yet to come, the high-tech Faith War threatens to destroy all religions across the universe. One small yet bold group, known as "the Chosen," survives due to a miraculous favor from a mysterious military man. In intergalactic combat and matters of destruction, this military man knows no equal. Yet on the home front, his family is falling apart. Unlike most families of the future, torn to bits by addiction to virtual reality products, this man's family crumbles under his terrible involvement with weapons of experimental technology. As the man continues to cross paths with the kind-hearted Chosen people, he dreams for a chance at redemption with his wife and daughter, who have disappeared to an unknown planet.

My thoughts: I must be frank. This book bored me to death. Firstly, the page layout made me work twice as hard to read it, and one page had two page's worth of words in it. Secondly, the writing was really underdeveloped. Dialogue, narration, and description all seemed starved of imagination and quality. I am sorry to say that I read half of it, but could not finish. In what I did struggle through, the Gospel message was put forth very boldly, if not cheesy at times. A large part of the book (from what I can tell) takes place in a church, its youth group, and its mission group. Thus, the reader is "preached at" often, which could put off potential secular readers.

This book was provided free by the author. I was not required to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed are my own.

My rating: 2 stars

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  1. Not bad. I'd read it.
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