Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog makeover?

I've been thinking about getting a change in the blog's look a lot lately. Something to make it more unique. I've seen this theme and image in many blogs, and wanted to make this blog distinct. So, I've come up with a few options from free template downloads. I have not looked into custom designers at you know of any, feel free to tell me about them :)

If I don't get a custom template (which I'd really, really like to do) I need your help in deciding which of these to use: (you can always vote for not changing it at all...)

Elegant Grey:





  1. "Elegant Grey" and "Artarius" are very nice. My vote is for the last one if you're taking them.

  2. All four seem really plain. I think it looks better as is.

  3. I for one like either Artarius, Nautica or what you have the best.

    If you do use a new template let me know how it goes and if you think it helped the blog. Arrowhead is kinda stuck right now and I think a re-design might help it.

  4. Okay, so I am going to agree with David on this one. I think it would be good to change up your blog's look a bit, but those four looks were so very plain. Have you thought of designing your own blog look, Noah? You could create a very unique header of your own and then just play around with Blogger's Template Designer.

    This is the case with these blog's that I've designed myself:

    If you decide to create your own blog look and you need help creating it just let me know!