Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aquasynthesis giveaway

I am holding another giveaway! (yes, I know, I'm already holding one) This one is going to be different! The winner will not be determined by a randomized means, but rather by being quick and clever. I will not answer any questions, give any hints. All you need is in this post, and where the clues take you. Yes, it is a clue hunt. You will follow the trail until you find the code words clearly labeled as such. As soon as you do, email me (I'll include my email where the code words are) with the code words and I will grant you the winner (if you were first). So, before start this giveaway, I obviously need to tell you the prize. The prize is a digital copy of Aquasynthesis, Splashdown Books' very first anthology of short stories!! (I'm sorry I couldn't offer a physical copy).

Here is a major rule. You MUST include links to each of the spots where you located even small pieces of the clue. If I have all of them, you win, if you were the first.

 Without further ado, the very first clue is located:

Where my bluebird sings.

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  1. Confused but fighting for the answers.

    Me ;)