Tuesday, August 2, 2011

REBELution Conference!

Last Saturday, I went to the very last Portland tour stop for the twin authors Alex and Brett Harris. It was AMAZING!! Here's an account of the event:

First, we got there slightly early. We checked in, got our awesome nametags, and found a place to sit. (why does it always have to be near the back??) Joel Harris was leading worship along with Harlinn (sp?). Soon, the authors themselves appeared! They laid out the schedule for the day and explained a neat gadget we had been given to use for the day. It pretty much looks like a calculator hanging from a lanyard. A multiple-choice question would come onto the screen, and we would press our choice of letter on the pad. Then, the percentage of who chose which answer would appear on the screen. Very cool stuff!

There were four sessions, and here are the descriptions of each:

 THE MYTH OF ADOLESCENCE: we can bust our culture's lies by looking at what history and God's word prove teens are capable of.

DO HARD THINGS: adopting the mindset of a rebelutionary is the first step towards taking our teen years back from the culture. 

THE TEST: The Bible says you will know Christians by their fruit -- and fruit can be tested. Does your life and heart pass the test?

THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES: the message is gaining momentum but what happens next? What is the future of The Rebelution?

In between each session, they signed books, t-shirts, and had photos taken. I got to talk with them a bit, which was unbelievably cool!

They also gave away a few books, via a foam rocket, but I didn't get any :P I did, however, buy Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper and Thriving At College. (I already own both of the twins' books, and got those signed) Got a t-shirt signed too :P 

Now, here come the pictures!

I really liked that stained-glass window :D

I apologize for the blurry-ness. I couldn't get any better...

During one of the breaks, I got a lot closer.

Really cool auditorium!

So close! Really cool...


Exterior of New Hope Living Church

More exterior

Balcony view

Here's the surprise! Most of the Worth Fighting For team (including me) 
were able to meet a really nice blogger, Miss Raquel!! From left to right,
Me, Jonathan, Miss Raquel, and Hannah,


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a more awkward picture of all of us...:P

  2. So cool! Totally wish I could be there. I really must attend this conference when I'm in the US.

  3. @Eroica M: Yeah :P Wish Em could have been there though...

    @Sugarpeach: Yes, it would be fun. Unfortunately, this is their very last tour, that they know of.

  4. Ummmm. How to describe the last picture?...different?

  5. Ummmm. How to describe the last picture?...different?