Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jonathan Maiocco giveaway

PhotobucketSome of you may have heard of the AWESOME composer Jonathan Maiocco. Well, if you haven't, go check his blog out now. http://jonmmusic.blogspot.com Yes, I mean now. Immediately now! :P He's amazing. And he's a teenager, to top it off!

Anyway, some of his music is being given away (7 songs actually) at Safirewriter! Head on over and enter quickly! (or don't, because they're good songs and I want them :P) But no! Don't miss this chance :D He'll be famous one day, I'm sure! (more than now, of course. He's already famous)


  1. Hi Noah,

    I was wondering if you received "On Being a Rat" by Chila Woychik? I cannot seem to find the review. Please let me know when you post the tour.


    Mimi Pearson (Director of FIRST Wild Card Tours)

  2. Yes, I am sorry. I was busy with school that day and could not get it finished. It will be posted later today, I am pretty sure.