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Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith

Ryann Watters and the Shielf of Faith, Eric Reinhold, Annals of Aeliana, Creation House, Fantasy, April 16 2009, 400 pages.

Ryann Watters And The Shield Of Faith (Hardcover)Synopsis: Ryann, Liddy, and Terell each encounter a mysterious, glowing blue light while on summer vacation, drawing them back to Mount Dora, Florida. Is it a sign for their return to Aeliana? What about the ancient book on dragons Liddy discovers in her attic? And how will they recover the shield of faith, as requested by the archangel Gabriel? Return to Aeliana as supernatural battle lines are drawn as the white unicorn assembles “the Chosen” to battle Narcissus and the Hugons, a race of half human-half dragon creatures.

My thoughts: The second volume in the Annals of Aeliana series deviated in some ways from the first. Firstly, the characters certainly act older, although their past immaturity shines through every once in a while. And, while the first was focused more on the search for the sword, and only hinted at the parallels between Earth and Aeliana, this one focused on Christ, as it were, coming to Aeliana. The search wasn't put forward as the main goal. Mr. Reinhold did a great job, though, portraying Christ as he would be seen in Aeliana. Still, that left most of the book to follow out a predicted (already told) storyline. Once it got there, there wasn't quite enough to keep the reader interested. Most would know what is going to happen. I would recommend this series mostly to non-believers or the newly saved.

My rating: 4 stars

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