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Ryann Watters and the King's Sword

Ryann Watters and the King's Sword, Eric Reinhold, Annals of Aeliana, Creation House, Fantasy, 2007, 240 pages.

Ryann Watters And The KingS Sword (The Annals of Aeliana) (Paperback)Synopsis: In the quaint rural town of Mount Dora, Florida, a nighttime visit from the archangel Gabriel sends Ryann Watters on his quest to find the King’s Sword. That same evening, Drake Dunfellow is chosen by a dark angel who “fell from heaven,” to stop him. Both boys are given powerful gifts from the angels to complete their tasks. Caught between two worlds, Ryann and his friends Liddy and Terell struggle to unravel the mystery of the sword’s location while seeking help from mythical creatures and talking animals in the heavenly Aeliana. Enter the worlds of spiritual warfare and fantasy, where the real and unreal converge, good and evil clash, and only one can be victorious.

My thoughts: I could tell this was a first novel. The characters acted a little younger than their ages seemed to convey, and there were more than a few grammatical errors (I know, I know). That being said, it is still a great Christian allegory. I loved all the ingenuity put into the creatures and magical surprises that awaited Ryann. A seldom-seen theme I saw was family. Ryann interacted with his family each time he returns from Aeliana, and this interaction shows what a good bond they have. Some great advice is given through this book.

Mr. Reinhold seems to model the book for a younger audience, maybe for 10-13 years, with the style of dialogue, but with the plot and understanding it, I would recommend a slightly older audience of 12+.

My rating: 4 stars

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  1. Thanks for the review, Noah. Yes, this was my first work and my experience in touriing with the 8 authors of the Fantasy Fiction Tour, from Seattle to San Diego over 10 days, was very helpful in my development as an author. As I mention in the forward of book 2, "Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith," Donita K. Paul, was instrumental in reviewing that work prior to it going to my publisher for editing.

    As an update, the movies for books 1 and 2 are in the works with Gold Pictures, in Hollywood, award winning director, Jenni Gold, and very experienced Producer, Jeff Maynard. The casting director is hard at work and I hope to make a BIG announcement on that this month! This will allow my agent to secure a new publisher deal for those two books to be revised and come out in paperback with the movies as well as get a deal for books 3 and 4.
    Be blessed and keep up to date at, Facebook (Ryann Watters) and my website