Friday, July 15, 2011

Music player

I have another question for you, this time concerning a current blog feature, the music player. I have had it set to play automatically, and that might be annoying some of you. I would like your opinion on how (or if) to have it set up. Should I keep it how it is, put it near the top (where it can be seen) and take it off automatic, put it near the top and keep it on automatic, use a different source for the player, get rid of it altogether? Let me know what you think below.


  1. Huh. I don't mind it because the player doesn't even work here in Canada. Stupid restrictions.

  2. While I like to listen to the music that the people I follow listen to, I often find myself annoyed with random music popping up on a site when I don't expect it too. This is because I can only get on the internet when I'm not at home, and in some places its awkward to have loud music start playing. And since I can't get online at home, I often open many pages at a time so that I can catch up on blog reading when I don't have the internet: when a blog has music that I wasn't aware of, this means flipping through lots and lots of pages to see which one has the music so I can turn it down.

    I don't know. The idea has always tempted me, personally, but I think I'm one that just finds it annoying. <_< sorry...

  3. You should leave your player up (if you want to) but turn it on to where the reader has to hit play to make it start. I had a music player on my blog for a while and I got a really nasty comments left on my blog...some guy ranting about newspapers and propaganda and Hitler and how my music player on my blog was annoying and just as bad as those, long story short I deleted my music player all together.

    I say give the reader the option to play your music, or not, then everyone wins! :)