Monday, July 11, 2011

Independence Day

Yes, this post is quite late, I know. But, here is what I did on Independence Day. My family and I went to Downtown Port Orchard (where a big show would happen at 10:30 pm) early to get a good seat (which we did). During the wait, we walked all over, explored some new spots, and I took tons of photos, some of which I will share with you now.

Front yard Independence Day decor

Puget Sound waterfront

One of many dock views from the edge.

Another waterfront view.

Port Orchard library. RIGHT next to the waterfront, which is really nice.

I like this image :D

Happy Independence Day!

Totem pole monument...

Dock entrance.

LOVED this! (Sarah, thought you might like this after our conversation) 
See the sign in the corner??

Street view in late afternoon. Also decked out for the Fourth :)

Many Port Orchard alleyways such as this are decorated thus. LOTS of wall paintings...

Torpedo, if you hadn't guessed... :P

Open, rail-less dock. Very shifty. (00)

View of the shore from the open dock.

Port Orchard Town Hall

Nuff said?

Awesome shot, I think :)

View of the shoreline at high tide.

Remnants of a dock.

So many docks like this. See that "B" on there? It goes on to F, I believe, if not more.

My brother Jesse

Nearing firework time!

Even closer to the show!

Silhouettes, gotta love 'em. :D

About time for the show to start. (it was a bit darker than the photo shows)

(sorry, I don't have any shots of fireworks!)

I have some videos of them, but blogger's mad right now...


  1. Fun photos. You live in SUCH a beautiful town!

  2. Thanks! Yes, it's very beautiful, but also run-down in a few places :)