Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come To The Well

Casting Crowns is my favorite band, as some of you know. So when I heard these three pieces of news I was ecstatic!

First: Casting Crowns is coming out with a new album later this year (October 18) called Come To The Well, and to top it off, Mark Hall himself said that, in his opinion, "it's the best record we've written. In-your-face truth-in-love kinda stuff!"

Second: They're coming on tour to Washington on October 1st!! I'm going, no doubt about it, rain or shine. (meet me there?) Plus, I'll get to hear one or two of their new songs before they come out!

Third: They released a new song that will be on their album. It is sort of a theme song for the new movie Courageous, and is titled the same. You can get it free here:

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  1. I'll meet you there Noah, you know I will.

  2. Awesome! Haha, I look forward to it!