Saturday, May 7, 2011


I Kissed Dating Goodbye

I understood Joshua Harris’ viewpoint on dating really well. Frankly, I just about agree with him. The worldly view of dating equates love with sex, and that premarital intimacy is expected. This is not how Christians are to see dating and marriage. I am certainly no master in this subject, but this book is very thorough and convicting.

The solution that Harris gives, “kissing dating good-bye,” has a good reason behind it. He states that dating can easily be taken to extremes, such as a late-night car ride, and then it takes the focus off of God, and isn’t done for the glory of God. Harris urges us to pursue marriage in such a way that glorifies God, rather than ourselves.

Where I disagree with Harris is where he thinks dating should not happen. However, to his credit, he only applies it to himself. He encourages us to date, as long as God, and not us, is given the focus. He also warns us not to use that as an excuse to follow passion and selfish pleasure.

Overall, I recommend this book highly, because it gives a wonderful overview of dating; how it should be done, and how it shouldn’t.


  1. I have this book and I heartily agree with you- it's a wonderful resource :)


  2. ive read this book to. Its a good book :)

  3. Yes, it is. Thanks for reading the review!

  4. I remember commenting on this review before. I have this book and although I do not embrace everything it says, it certainly has some merit. Best of luck with your reviews and the contest.