Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CSFF Blog Tour - The Strange Man - Day Two

For the second day of this tour, I am posting my review of the new edition, published by Realms. Enjoy!

The Strange Man, Greg Mitchell, The Coming Evil - book one, Realms, Suspense, 2011, 292 pages.

Synopsis: Dras Weldon lives in a world of horror movies and comic books. Twenty-two and unemployed, he is content to hide in the shadow of adolescence with a faith that he professes but rarely puts into action. 

But when a demonic stranger arrives and begins threatening his friends, Dras is drawn into a battle that forces him to choose which side he is on. In a race against the clock, he must not only fight these evil forces but also somehow convince his best friend, Rosalyn, to join him--before she is lost forever.

Engaging and darkly humorous, The Strange Man is the first act of a trilogy that depicts a world where monsters are real and simple men and women must overcome their doubts and fears in order to stand against the unspeakable creatures of the night.

My thoughts: For the second time reading this book, I noticed many great scenes that were added, and a lot of description. Mr. Mitchell is wondrous when it comes to showing rather than telling! The characters were well portrayed, despite needing a little more of Josalyn. *SPOILER ALERT* The character shift in Dras was realistic, in the way that Christ can change a person so suddenly, like Paul, for instance. *SPOILER ALERT*

Now for the horror part. I was reading it until I finished at 12:45 a.m. The suspense is nail biting, and you can’t help but read further. Very frequently I imagined it so vividly that I thought I was hearing scratching at my window.

Though there is quite a bit of gore, there are no inappropriate scenes or references. The book is very good in that regard. Realms chose well in publishing this book.

My rating:
5 stars

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  1. Hmm, well, considering that I was scared silly when reading This Present Darkness by Frank What's-his-name, I probably won't be reading this book, despite the catchy title. ;)

    Good job on the review though! God bless and happy Easter!