Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CSFF Blog Tour - The Strange Man - Day Three

For the final day of the tour, I am bringing you a second interview with Mr. Mitchell! Enjoy!

NA: Welcome Mr. Mitchell! How do you feel about your book being published by Realms?

GM: It’s really great. From the cover to the layout to the fact that it’s in bookstores all across the country—it’s certainly a huge step-up from the book’s humble origins.

NA: What do you feel has improved in this edition compared to your self-published edition?

GM: On the technical side, the book benefits from finally having an editor. The last go round, it was just me—an inexperienced writer—going over the book and deeming it ready to go. But once Realms picked it up, I was assigned editors who had far more experience and knowledge than I do. They really shaped it up. But aside from that, I think the writing’s improved, especially in the new scenes. And there are a lot of new scenes. The book is expanded quite a bit from the original version, including more spooky stuff, more nail-biting action, but also more of the town of Greensboro and its people. We meet some new characters that will play a bigger role throughout the trilogy, and get some new insight on characters we first met in the self-published edition. The self-published version was very much a skeleton, but now we’ve got meat on the bones.

NA: If you could choose any Christian publisher for The Strange Man, would it still be Realms?

GM: Absolutely. The entire team has been really helpful and have given me the space I need to tell the kind of horror story I want to tell. They’ve been nothing but kind and patient and, hey, the book’s in stores! I can’t ask for much more than that.

NA: Can we expect the sequel to The Strange Man to be released soon?

GM: The sequel—Enemies of the Cross—is tentatively due out February 2012. The team at Realms is working on the cover right now. I’ve got my draft turned into the editor and we’ll be working that over in the summer.Enemies of the Cross is going to take the mythology into a whole new direction. I don’t think anyone is going to see it coming, so it should be quite the surprise. You’re going to learn things that will reshape how you view The Strange Man. Plus, more monsters. The action and the horror are ramped up considerably, as the Christians in the town of Greensboro gear up for all-out war with the forces of hell. It’s also a darker book, more mature. I’m interested to find out what people will think of it.

NA: Do you have any other writing plans?

GM: Boy, do I. I’m currently working on three novels simultaneously. All of them are adapted from earlier stories that I wrote before The Strange Man and its two sequels consumed my life. They were sort of “try out” stories and were great building blocks to get me to The Coming Evil Trilogy. But, looking over those old stories, there’s an inherit coolness about them that I’d forgotten. We’re talking about stories that I started in high school and in my early twenties. So, I’m dusting them off and giving them lots of love and letting them benefit from the lessons I’ve learned as a writer in the 10+ years since I left them. I’m not ready for an announcement yet on what they are or what they’re about or when they might be released. I’ve got paying gigs I’m working on, too, for other publishers, but these three novels—all loosely connected—are just about me connecting to a simpler time in my writer life. Right now, they’re just “for fun” with an eye toward publication eventually. We’ll see what the future holds for them.

NA: Thanks for another interview! Do you have any parting words for our readers?

GM: Thank you, Noah. You always have great questions. Parting words…hm. I’d say thanks to everyone who’s checking out The Strange Man. It’s been quite the journey getting it to you, and things are only going to get more exciting as the sequels finally see the light of day. I hope everybody checks out my site to stay updated and read some free short fiction that serve as character prequels to The Strange Man.

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  1. Thanks, Noah, for the new interview and all the coverage on your blog--both for this version and the old one. I really appreciate it :)