Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was wondering if anyone who has a spare minute could read and rate my review of Dragons of the Valley on the Waterbrook Multnomah website. If you can, thank you very much!!

Here is the review again:

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a lot, and my expectation was right, in a way. The plot wanders, and it’s hard to tell where it will go next, even though you think you know where it will end up. A lot of time often passed between chapters, without being hinted at, and that was confusing. The only character not revealed much was Tipper, even though she was the main character in the previous book, Beolomondore taking that spot in this volume.

The other characters, however, were where I was wrong. I really, really enjoyed them! They are what drove this story. Wizard Fenworth’s absent-minded way of things kept me laughing, Hollee’s cheerful inquiries brightened my mood, Lady Peg’s meandering, critical speech bewildered and fascinated me, and Rayn’s antics had me wishing I had a minor dragon of my own! If you don’t mind a vague plot, and prefer good and interactive characters, this is the book for you!

My rating: 4 stars

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