Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Gifted: In The Beginning

The Gifted: In The Beginning, self-published, Stephen R. Wilson, Science fiction/fantasy, 2010, 313 pages.

Synopsis: Aliens. Vigilante Ninjas. Mad scientists. Hard-nosed detectives. Super-heroes. God. An alien ship has crash-landed on Earth, setting off a new wave of drug addiction and world war in its wake, while the sole survivor of the wreckage vows revenge against the god-like authorities of his home planet. At the same time, the new president of the GenRes Company is obsessed with living up to his father’s medical success and has just discovered how to transform normal children into Genetically Altered super-humans. Who will control these children? The scientist, the alien, and a couple of ambitious criminals are all eager to keep them for their own use. But Someone else has entirely different plans for them. Follow as each development merges together and a new breed of adolescent superheroes rises to the forefront in The Gifted: In the Beginning.

My thoughts: People with superpowers. Who can ask for more! This type of book is a favorite of mine. However, these unnatural abilities didn’t appear until about half-way through the book, and only hardly then. They only became prominent in the last 50-some pages. When they did, I enjoyed their descriptions and variety!
    The alien part of the story didn’t come into play much in the story (even though the alien created the superhumans). I seemed like a distanced plot, separate and hardly explored.
    I was confused by the time references. The setting would often jump through a few years from one point of view, then switch to another, even 10 years before.
    Wilson’s portrayal of a future earth, far more sinful and corrupt, began to depress me, although I realized the implication that we could easily slip that far down. It encouraged me to spread God’s love and law to others.

My rating: 3 stars

This book was provided free by the author. I was not required to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed are my own.

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    1. I looked at this book and read some of the first parts, going to hold off. Doesn't quite look like my thing, thanks for the review!

    2. I'm really wondering what happened to my life.

      I'm a month back and still haven't read this. I've been doing this with all blogs. I have
      to get back on here more often!

      But wow, that doesn't make sense. The whole description on the back...
      It's all about Superhuman, aliens and all that. If you felt that it was a kind of side plot then what is the book about?

      Thanks for the review!