Saturday, January 1, 2011

Going Rogue: An American Life

Going Rogue: An American Life (Hardcover)Going Rogue, Sarah Palin, HarperCollins, Memoir, 2009, 413 pages.

Synopsis: Beginning with the family exodus to Alaska, the book follows Sarah Palin. She gives explanations
of how she was shaped, what she believes in, her campaigns for mayor, governor, and vp. There is actually a solid ending in which she provides her intent as an American. She also defined exactly what she would do to help this country out of its mess. She never goes in without a plan. Right or wrong, she definitely has a plan.

My thoughts: This story is about a woman who decided that politics-as-usual were not in the best interest of the people, and set out to change that. Maintaining and expressing her Biblical views, she served on the Wasilla City Council, then successfully ran for governor of Alaska. During this time, she radically changed the way Alaskan government worked, and ushered in renewable energy in the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA). Then, after being asked to join Senator McCain as a VP candidate, she battled through the media’s false reports and opinions. After losing the election, she and her family were heavily assaulted by the media with false stories, no matter how ridiculous.
    Throughout all the offices she held, she always let her beliefs shine through in the decisions she made and people she appointed. Though she did not associate solely with any one party, she did so with those whom she thought held Alaska’s, and America’s, best interest.

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  1. That actually sounds pretty good. I've heard about this one before, but I've never read it.

  2. Hey, it does sound really good! Now I want to read it! :D