Saturday, December 25, 2010

Class of '12 poem

Hannah at Eroica's Poetry wrote another poem, this one describing my school's current Junior students, and our past experiences there. There are inside jokes, beware :P

Two and a half years of looking ahead,
Waiting for better days, trekking time's thread
Faster than retrospect's focus can see—
Stop, fellow juniors, remember with me!

Pull out the yearbooks for memory's sake;
“Pause for a moment” and just take a break.
Yes, you had fun at least sometimes, admit;
Stop before life gets too good to forget!

Look at your baby face! Look at mine, too!
See all the faces of folks we once knew!
Seems it was ages ago since those days,
Yet it was yesterday, too, in some ways.

'Member the 2009 senior class,
Westerbeak's antics, Amanda's sweet sass?
'Member the president's speeches so strong?
'Member the Andersons, always in song?

How about Choir Tour's Canada trip,
Laughing at Christopher's "Honey Bun" hips?
Who would've thought—at one time long ago,
Sara wore glasses, and Emily, no?

We're missing faces: Miss Dougil's, Miss Ho's;
But how'd we survive without Donny, suppose?
Aw, SeƱor Connally, missed most of all!
Spanish and Latin were always a ball!

Now look at pictures from 2010;
Think of the memories from way back then!
Taking on staff in a volleyball spree,
Sitting rejected beneath a lone tree...

Look at the minuscule Class of '13
Back in their first year, when Rachel was queen!
(Though one might argue that Queen she still is.)
But no one beat Elsie the literature whiz!

High school, of life, is the best and worst time.
Enjoy it, therefore, while you're life's in its prime;
So when you're much older you'll look back with joy,
Quoting the favorite, “When I was a boy...”