Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Writing Wednesday

This time I am putting up an essay. Let me know if this works or not. The essay was a school assignment about the internet.

The internet seems like it powers the world, and it seems and we cannot do anything without it. If it were to never have been, we often could spend our time more wisely, but there would be several things we would never have learned. Along with this knowledge opportunity, there is also the risk of hackers and unwanted websites. Altogether, the cons outweigh the pros, but there are solutions to get rid of several cons.
    A positive feature of the internet is interaction with people anywhere on the globe. One can send an email to anyone anywhere in the world, and it will arrive in seconds. The internet is also a great big encyclopedia. Information in the form of articles, magazines, or books can be accessed within seconds, and it can be published online with very little cost for unlimited viewers. Because of this material, those who were addicted to television are now literate, and often write many things themselves. Because these people can now access seemingly unlimited information, they have great insight into the cultures of many other countries.
    Unfortunately, because of this connection to these foreign countries, internet communication is replacing traditional communication. Public relations should be the meeting a person face-to-face, not through a computer screen.  Because of the replacement, people who do not have a connection to the web are frequently left out of communication. These people also cannot access information quickly, which is further reason for them to be left out. Many people have personal information stored on the internet, which hackers can easily view. Identities, credit cards, and bank accounts can be accessed or even stolen by these criminals. When accessing the internet, searching for information on websites can be dangerous, especially for youths. The temptation of pornography can appear anytime, anywhere, as well as the urge to pirate music or films. According to a survey by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and the University of Michigan Child Health Evaluation and Research, 13% of parents whose children access the internet take no measures to limit what their children are viewing.
    These temptations and risks far outweigh the advantages of the internet. This is because the temptations can be placed anywhere, and hackers can also get almost anywhere. Internet communication can substitute for some traditional communication in the form of video conferences, meetings, etc. The internet is available on most mobile phones, which are usually cheaper than computers. This gives an opportunity for people with less money to gain access. To protect personal assets, better internet protection programs can be created. Unwanted websites and adds can be blocked by child-safe software, and websites that pirate media can be shut down.
    If the internet were to disappear, we would lessen the possibility of our personal information being stolen, but we would also lose much of our knowledge. The internet has more negative features than positive, but with new programs and innovation, many of these problems can be eliminated, making the internet safer for aspiring learners.

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  1. Wow! Good essay :) I like the points you've made. Haha, personally, I don't know where I'd be without the internet. Actually wait...I do; I'd probably be a hermit living in a mountain and the only supplies up to my place would be bread, cheese, water, paper, and ink XD I'd be a philosopher and write lots :P

    Great essay, though. You've made good points (and now I'm repeating myself); you should put up more stuff like this :) I enjoy it!