Friday, October 22, 2010

Writing Wednesday (late)

I know it is Friday, but this is the soonest I could do it. It will continue to be this way for 1-4 weeks at least. Anyway, here is a personal testimony I gave as a speech at my school. It has not been edited at all, just a warning.

    God has worked in my life many ways, both with subtlety and a megaphone. An obvious bellow would be the fact that I have been saved. I was saved as a child, but I did not yet fully understand how to live for Christ. In the year I reached a decade of life, I experienced my first summer camp week. This Christian organization, Camp Gilead, changed my view of Christ a lot during my first two years. During the second year, I re-dedicated my life to Jesus, now realizing what it took to live for him. I went there twice more, last year being the most recent. Last year, God put a very important person in my life. He was my cabin counselor, and I felt free to open up about myself and my sins. This was a great blessing from God, because I could not keep these terrible things locked away for long without dwelling more on them, leading to further depression. Today, I am still in contact with this person, and the Lord is continuing to use him to guide me to Him.
    This year, God has led me to pursue Camp Gilead’s high school staff program. I  hope to encourage campers as I was myself inspired. So far, he has opened the doors to this opportunity to uplift and possibly witness to children and peers. God also may be calling me to the life of a missionary. He has given me a talent of memory, an interest in languages, and a desire to travel.
    God gave me a special opportunity, that being to attend this school. I have never worked this hard in school, but is greatly beneficial to both my physical and spiritual growth. In my time at Covenant, God has given me a rare gift: a new friend. Through my life, I have had very few friends, and single one more is amazing.
    Despite God’s help, I am still not perfect. No one can be. I am still participating in very bad habits that need to be broken. I give too little time to God, I am not exactly edifying to my siblings, and I need to respect my parents more. These are not all my problems. I have much worse sins to account for and discontinue. Please pray for me.

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  1. That's awesome Noah. I love reading testimonies :) They always have this really cool feeling to them, reading what God has done in someone's life. Just wonderful! Thanks for being open and posting this, it's been a pleasure to read.