Monday, October 4, 2010

The Winner!

So, the winner has been determined by random chance ( and the winner...


the number 39 :)

who is...

now aware that I LOVE building the tension. :P

Yes!! Again!! (pardon the image, but if it is already there, why not use it again?)
Congrats! I will be emailing you with the information.


  1. Truely?!? *jaw drop* *looks again* wow! Thank you! Wow! *looks once more* am I reading the old post? Lol wow this is just great thank you thank you thank you!

    BTW, great penmenship! I meant to tell you that last time.

    Thanks, GA!

  2. Congrats Goldarrow! Your name must be the popular thing to pick...or my eyes are fickle; did I not just hear you won somewhere else as well? I can't remember lolz XD