Friday, October 22, 2010

Kristen Wisen interview

Please welcome as our guest futuristic fiction author Kristen Wisen!

NA: What drew you to write futuristic Christian fiction?

KW: My father did quite a bit of eschatological writing and began a ministry to teach the church about the last days before he passed away in 1999.  He and I were science fiction enthusiasts and I had often imagined penning a fictional story based on his biblical teaching.  Novels are a great way to actually teach, however you have to be careful not to be preachy when you write.  I probably tried to start writing a dozen times, but years after his death, it just started to flow.  I think initially I wanted to encourage those who were in the throes of the theological battle about the timing of Christ’s return by giving them more material, but soon my heart turned to the unprepared church.

NA: What is unique in The Appearing compared to other futuristic fiction?

The Appearing: In the End Is Our Beginning CoverKW: Well, the biggest comparison I have is the Left Behind series and there is basically one glaring difference. I place the return of Christ (rapture) after the mid-point of the 70th week of Daniel and Left Behind places this event at the start.  The question of whether or not the church will go through the great tribulation will change an author’s storyline.

NA: Were there any books that you read that became inspiration or interest
in the genre?

KW: I am a big Dekker fan, but I think I have been a storyteller ever since I was a child.  I did read a little of my “competitor” and to be honest, it ticked me off.  So I was inspired to write something with more of a biblical foundation.

NA: Where did the interest in the end times come from?

KW: As I stated earlier, my father got me into the end times mode.  He was a passionate man, and growing up, I can remember him going through various phases – an origins phase, a sovereignty phase – this was his end times phase. He wanted to have a good biblical defense for the pre-tribulational rapture.  But the longer he studied the scriptures as a whole, the less solid his defense became.  Eight years into his study, he began to share what he was learning and though initially I didn’t want to hear it, I grew to love it because it became so clear in scripture.  The return of Jesus is the great hope of the church and should be something we all study and look for!

NA: Would you enjoy living in a cave?

KW: Enjoy?  Are you kidding me?  There are critters in caves…

NA: Which character was the hardest to write?

KW: Probably my male characters were the hardest. I didn’t want them to seem girly at all – being a woman writing the thoughts and actions of a man was very difficult.  But I had several real-life people in mind when I wrote certain characters and climbing into their shoes helped.  My editor had me write out a form for each character, answering about 40 questions about each one – favorite color, past job experience, childhood memories, favorite foods, education, etc.  Then when I wrote from that character’s perspective, I climbed into their shoes and made sure I was that person before I started writing again. It was a fun exercise.

NA: Which character was the easiest to write?

KW: Emma – at the time I wrote The Appearing, I had four teen-aged daughters – I was immersed with teen-aged girls and she came very easily!

NA: If you could be any person in your books, who would it be?

KW: I’ll pick from The Appearing, since you haven’t reviewed the second book yet! I  probably identified with Emma the most, not that she was written after me, but I did have a huge sense of right and wrong at a very young age and it seemed like I was always the conscience in the room.  Emma’s conscience is pretty loud and when she goes against her conscience, she gets herself in a lot of trouble – I guess that could me my testimony as well.

NA: If The Appearing were made into a movie, would you have any preferred
actor, director, composer, etc?

KW: I wouldn’t want the Coen brothers to direct because they are just too bizarre!  I guess I haven’t really thought about a movie.  Sorry…

NA: That is all right. J Can you tell us three things about yourself we readers may not know?

KW:  1.  My kids have never beaten me at laser tag.
      2.  I make killer chocolate chip cookies.
      3.  Though I am way too young, I am going to be a grandmother of twins this winter!  (yay!)

NA: Do you have any other book plans or ideas?

KW: I have written a sister novel to The Appearing. It is called Overcomer and it is not a sequel, but it takes place at the very same time as The Appearing’s storyline. So the international details are similar and since I laid them out in the first book, I don’t have to spend as much time on that in the second.  As for ideas, I have hundreds.  As for plans, it has become rather expensive to self-publish, so until the Lord swings that door wide open, my ideas are on hold. Oops, I almost forgot! I am published in Hebrew! I wrote a bible study book on the character of Jesus Christ and though I couldn’t find a publisher here in the states, my book was published in Hebrew and is blessing (Lord-willing) the church in Israel!  Strange but true story…

NA: Wow! Do you have any advice to those writing or planning to write futuristic Christian fiction?

KW: If you’re going to call it Christian, then be biblical.  Don’t misuse scripture but be a faithful student before you even write one word. I believe there is a high accountability for those of us who write and put the Christian label on it – be faithful to the Word.

NA: Thank you for spending this time with us! It was great to have you! May God bless you and your writing!

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  1. Great interview Mrs. Wisen, Noah! Even if she did take a poke at us pre-tribbers ;)

    Have a great day and thanks again!

  2. Those chocolate chip cookies are killer!

  3. Oh yeah her cookies are the best. As are her books :) But hey, I'm biased.

  4. Loved both books! To really get into them, you have to read her father's books, too! The Fourth Reich was excellent! Comparing Scripture to scripture, the timeline is Biblical in a way that pre-trib can never be.

  5. Loved both of her books! To really get into them, you should read her father's books as well. I loved The Fourth Reich, by Robert VanKampen (her dad).