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The Keepers of Elenath

The Keepers of Elenath, Amanda Bradburn, Tate Publishing, Fiction/Fantasy, 2009, 301 pages.

Evil is stirring in Elenath.

A rapid chain of events: a righteous king’s murder, a dark queen’s seizure of the throne, and the stirring of ancient peoples opens a new chapter in Elenath’s history. Dark powers seek to control all and a bare few stand against the sinister forces. At the center of the tempest lies Gwaeron, princess of Anirum. Secrets surround her true identity, and the strange gifts she is capable of are sought after by both sides of the silent war. Another evil haunting the land of Elenath; sweeping from the northwestern wasteland to Anirum’s eastern coast is the dreaded eves fornost. Hearts of human, elf, etel, and gnome will turn-for good or evil.

And the worst is yet to come.

My thoughts: Soon after I started this book, I could easily tell it was Bradburn’s first novel. The beginning of the plot was confusing: it revealed something awfully quickly, and I couldn’t discern the direction of the storyline at all. These starting events were necessary, but could have been written better. About 100 pages in, the story took a solid form and I began to enjoy it. I was a little disappointed when there wasn’t too much of the training-in-secret-practices scene that I always enjoy, but it looks as if that will come in the second book. I noticed that many terms were used a few times too many (“former princess,” for example) in a short space of time. Overall, the plot and characters steadily improved as the book progressed.

What this means to a Christian: There are many people in the world who call themselves Christians. Many actually are, but some may not have a true understanding. It is the job of those who do to give them, and everyone else, the truth, and an opportunity to know Christ.

My rating: 4 stars

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  1. Ahh, KOE, a wonderful book, definitely deserves multiple reads and long quiet afternoons :)))