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Kirk Outerbridge interview

Here for my fifth interview, please welcome Kirk Outerbridge, author of Christian speculative fiction book Eternity Falls!
NA: What drew you to write Christian speculative fiction?

KO: I think I always had the passion to write. I started writing seriously while in college
and that journey took me into my early twenties when I came to the Lord. I had to put
writing down for a bit as I reprioritized my life but afterwards I was able to see clearly
that God wanted me to write for Him. And well…the rest is history as they say. What is unique in Eternity Falls compared to other Christian speculative fiction?

KO: Perhaps its grittiness. I like to write stories about real people with real problems
and how they relate to God and God to them. And although my books are suitable for
a Christian audience I want them to be real world enough to satisfy and not turn off non-believers.

NA: Were there any books that you read that became inspiration or interest
in the genre?

KO: The cyberpunk genre in general was a big inspiration for what I write. While there
is not necessarily a single book that influenced me, there were many other things that
worked together to give me the overall inspiration of writing something hard boiler and

NA: Where did the story idea come from?

KO: I’m not certain exactly, but I had the inspiration to write a story about two brothers
who must confront each other and their pasts to reconcile both with each other and with
God. A bit Michael and Gabriel squaring off when you add in the superpowers *grin*.

NA: Were there any smaller influences that came into the book?

KO: Smaller influences would have to be things like anime, especially Ghost in the Shell. And hard boiler detective stories.

NA: If a live-forever product was created in your lifetime, would you use it?

KO: Before I was a Christian probably, but now---no way.

NA: Which character was the hardest to write?

KO: Shiela. She had to undergo a pretty massive character shift and it was hard
to do. Some will say I actually didn’t pull it off. Starting her off as someone you
instantly hated and finishing up with someone you had sympathy for was a tall order.

NA: Which character was the easiest to write?

KO: Bobby. He just came to life in my mind and took off from there.

NA: If you could be any character in your books, who would it be?

KO: Virgil. He had lots of cool B)

NA: If your books were made into a movie, would you have any preferred
actor, director, composer, etc?

KO: Wow great question! I always envisioned someone like Russell Crowe as Macey,
Keith David as Virgil (For that awesome voice!) maybe Uma Therman for Sheila (if
she revisited her look from pulp fiction. Director: Christopher Nolan. Composer: Hans
Zimmer (just loved his work in inception) Actually, the whole inception team could make
this movie!

NA: Can you tell us three things about yourself we readers may not know?

KO: I live in Bermuda. I burn trash for a living(really!). I’m a cat person but can’t have
one because my wife is allergic!

NA: Do you have a title, cover, or plot idea for the next book you can share
with us?

The Tenth Crusader--Cover--Thumbnail.jpgKO: Sure do. My next book is “The Tenth Crusader” and is the second installment
in the Rick Macey Cyberthriller series. This one takes place a couple years after the
events in Eternity Falls and has Macey dealing with a highly charged political situation
in Manila that somehow involves his shaded past. I’m hoping people will like it.

NA: Do you have any other book plans or ideas after your current series?

KO: Not as yet. I’m currently in the plotting stages of the third installment and have
an idea for a fourth after that. So it looks like more Rick Macey for the time being.

NA: Do you have any advice to those writing or planning to write Christian speculative

KO: Keep at it until you have a completed manuscript. Then spend some money to get
it professionally edited. That will be a huge learning experience in both the craft and
how to deal with criticism. And if what you have is not good enough don’t be afraid to
scrap everything and start fresh with the new tools you have learned. After my first edit I
scrapped a 350,000 word trilogy because it had too many fundamental flaws. But I started
over and wrote Eternity Falls which just won the Carol award for Speculative fiction.
So never be afraid to let go of your baby because it could mean you are holding out and
making something even better.

Thank you for visiting us Mr. Outerbridge! Good luck with the release of your next book!

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  1. I was really excited to see this interview.

    I have met Jeff Gerke and Jill Williamson and saw that Marcher Lord Press had published this book too. I've been wondering about it.

    Thanks for the great interview.