Friday, July 23, 2010


Zero-G CoverHere is Zondervan’s summary of Alton Gansky’s suspense novel, Zero-G.

Poised to make history, SpaceVentures, Inc. hovers on the brink of launching the first space tourists into flight. The competition escalates as rich customers clamor to pay the exorbitant ticket prices … and it’s about to turn deadly.

Benjamin “Tuck” Tucker’s skill and reputation have thrust SpaceVentures into the forefront in this powerful new space race. A veteran astronaut and reluctant national hero, Tuck accepts the coveted honor-and the risk-of piloting the Legacy on her maiden space voyage.

The danger is far greater than just the perceived risks.

The real threat, a plot far deadlier than anyone could have imagined, is exposed as the Legacy reaches the suborbital regions of space. Suspended seventy miles above Earth, Tuck has no choice but to place his life in God’s hands-a God he has found it hard to trust since a deadly tragedy in space over a year before-as he desperately fights an unknown enemy who will not hesitate to kill again.

    This book is a pretty good read. It has all the elements of a good suspense, with a little bit of science fiction, but it doesn’t quite have that read-till-you-drop intensity. The main character is a true-to-life figure with haunting memories of an accident a year before. Often, pleading prayer is shown more than gratitude.

My rating: 3 stars. Good enough to get at a library; save your money for something else.

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