Friday, July 23, 2010

The Betrayal

Here is P&R Publishing’s summary of Douglas Bond’s historical fiction:    “Privileged Calvin had every reason to pray and revel in God’s kindnesses, but I, that night, looked heavenward with a scowl…
    “’God above, if you are there, you are most unkind to me…. Therefore, will I not serve you, will I not worship you, will I not obey you. Henceforth, I give of myself to those powers that most work against you, against your will and ways, and against you servants.’
    “It was a prayer that invigorated me, made me feel emancipated from divine oppression and injustice, the master of myself and my fortunes, the bold possessor of new freedoms.”

    So begins the private war of one man determined to sell all for a convoluted allegiance, even at the cost of his own soul. Told from the perspective of a sworn lifelong enemy of John Calvin, this fast-paced biographical novel is a tale of envy that escalates to violent intrigue and shameless betrayal.

    Douglas Bond is the master of everything historical in the era of John Calvin. Almost every paragraph has some historical context to it. When reading it, I felt as if I came to know everything even remotely important about John Calvin’s life and ministry. I also enjoyed his attention to detail of cities and architecture. Bond’s approach to this novel is appealing. He doesn’t attempt to get into Calvin’s head and explain his everyday thought process, but rather shows Calvin’s actions through the eyes of an ever-near character. However, he does leave the reader to consider the words of Calvin as recorded by the bystander. This book easily earns five stars!

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  1. Hmm, I've wanted to try this for some time. Perhaps I will get to give it a go. You weren't tainted by having him as a teacher were you? ;) (Just kidding..)

  2. I have read several other books written by Douglas Bond which I really enjoyed. this looks like another good read. thank you for posting it !