Monday, June 14, 2010

A Star Curiously Singing

A Star Curiously Singing, Kerry Nietz, Dark Trench Saga, Marcher Lord Press, Speculative Fiction, October 1, 2009, 308 pages.

Synopsis: If he fixes the robot, will he break his world? In a future ruled by sharia law machines are managed by debuggers, who in turn are owned by masters. Sandfly is a level 12 debugger. He is sent into Earth orbit to repair a robot-a robot that went on an experimental flight into deep space... And tore itself apart. As Sandfly digs into the mystery aboard the space station, he discovers what the bot heard around that distant star. He discovers that the bot heard...singing. As Sandfly pieces together the clues, the masters spread the trap before his feet. Everyone is racing to the same conclusion, but only one side welcomes what the singing represents.

My thoughts: A Star Curiously Singing is a jewel among speculative fiction. It takes a marvelous idea (the stream) and makes it modern technology: understandable and useful. The characters have great freedom in the sense that their emotions do not have to be shown to the reader very much, as they are themselves encouraged to forget emotion completely. However, at the end, emotion requires a strong foundation, which had been growing throughout the book. Above all, it shows God (A~A³) very clearly through natural revelation (revelation through God’s creation). It portrays the concept of “new birth” (in the guise of “reprogramming”) very accurately. Overall, this book is a five-star wonder!

My rating: 5 stars

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  1. Very good review. The interview was also very good. All of the books that I've read by Marcher Lord Press have been very enjoyable, so I'm eager to give this one and its sequels a try.

  2. I might be interested in reading something like that

  3. This looks very interesting! I am entering your giveaway.

  4. The book sounds interesting, I havent' really read any sci-fye. I've usually been drawn to the Christian fantasy. But this is interesting. :D

  5. Ye-yeah! I loved this book! The Sequel as well is good!!