Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Candid Room Tag

I was tagged by Christian Miles over at My Ink Spot with this interesting tag. Take a picture of your room before you clean it. So, here is my abode.

 Here is the first look at my room. Behind my clock is where I keep all my music. What you see in front of the paper is in fact a carving. Not my own, though. I also like a candle lit frequently. See if you can guess where I keep the matches. They are hidden behind/under/above something in this photo. I have to keep them hidden from my pyromaniac of a brother. :) There are a few unusual things in this photo as well, see if you can find them all. :)
Here is the other side of my room. I like the comic strip Pearls Before Swine (Good for you too, Beorn!) , as you can tell from the collection on my bed. My desk is pretty cluttered, as is obvious. As you can also see, my reading list is pretty big. Can you recognize any of the books? (despite the Pearls Before Swine collection, Beorn :)). I don't think I need to tag anyone this time, as I was tagged along with about 60 other people.


  1. Okay, first impression: COOLNESS. Looks very classy and warm, but still you.

    For unusual stuff in that first pic... there's toothpaste without a sink and two mirrors. LOL

    In that second pic I recognize three books by Christopher Paolini. :)

    Yeah, yeah, blame me for that tagging 60 people thing. I didn't want to leave people out, though. :P

  2. Thank you Chris!

    There are two mirrors, but did you notice anything about them? And where did you see the toothpaste, I don't think that is anywhere in there. :P

    Yes, the first three books of the Inheritance cycle are there!

    It's not really blaming you, it was a good idea. :)

  3. I see Green by Dekker! Didn't notice Inheritance at first LOL

    I can't wait to do this tag LOL

  4. Yes! I can't wait to see yours Nathan!

  5. Yay...you did the candid room tag too Noah!
    For a guy your room is really very warm, classy and clean! You've got some of the same books on your shelf that I have in my candid tag shots too. I love the dresser and mirrors by the way...very cool. I can't wait to see Nathan's candid tag too, and whoever else does the tag thanks to Chris. :)

  6. I thought that was toothpaste on the conter of the dresser in the first pic... I could be crazy, though. That's always a legitimate option.

  7. I see what you mean now! LOL it is a tube of medicine. The rest of my medicine is in the blue and silver container.

  8. Wow, Noah. You have really nice furniture. And a clean room too.

  9. Thank you! My room is not usually that clean though, I had cleaned it a few days prior.