Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bones of Makaidos

http://library2.risingshadow.net/images/books/3880.jpg    The Bones of Makaidos is the fourth and last book in the Oracles of Fire series, written by Bryan Davis and published by Living Ink Books. In Second Eden, the wall of fire is all that separates Billy, Walter, Ashley, Elam, the Dragons, and the villagers from the coming invasion, and that itself will not hold long. Sapphira, Shiloh, and Bonnie reside in the Underworld, waiting to be given a chance to fight. Arramos, the evil one, plans to add Second Eden to the merging of Earth and Hades, in order to gain access to Heaven. One of Arramos’ weapons is Devin, the greatest dragon slayer to have lived. His other subtle trick is Mardon, who has found a way to steal the Oracle Acacia’s indestructibility for himself. Semiramis, Mardon’s mother, comes to Billy and gives away Arramos’ plans, but Elam has many doubts that she has their best interests in mind. With all these conflicts pressing into the dwellers of Second Eden, a sacrificial lamb must come forth to conquer the evil.

    I consider Bryan Davis’ books to be very complex and sometimes altogether confusing. This does not always work out for the better, but in the case of Bones of Makaidos, it worked out fantastically! Everything comes through in the end; every pressing conflict is resolved and temporary peace seems to have been attained. Something that set this book apart from the most of the series is the passage of time. At one point in the book, about four years are skipped. Looking back, I could not really say at which point it was; it was quite abrupt and surprising. This book shows the characters’ trust in God, or lack thereof, very well. When, in Eye of the Oracle, Davis shows the passage of time, Sapphira doesn’t age physically or even mentally quite so much. What sets this book apart from every other book in this series is the mental and physical improvement of the characters. This is very real and challenges us to be like them: having faith in God and following Him through whatever He sets out for us. This 674-page book earns five stars!


  1. I'd say 10000000000000 to infinite stars!! Davis did an absolutely amazing job on this book!!! I am speechless and can say no more in this fine moment of wonder :)


  2. Ahh...TBOM. You know, it was not my favorite book of any kind---but a good book in a series :)