Sunday, May 2, 2010

(CLOSED) Giveaway Underway!

Hooray! Thank you to those who are now following! This is now my most popular blog! (follower-wise) Here is how the giveaway will work. You can enter in any or all of three ways.

1.) You can comment on the blog, but you must leave some sort of identification name, in case you win. This comment must be what your favorite book is and why. Answers do not have to be too long. This can only earn one entry.

2.) You can follow this blog. Those who follow already must comment about it to enter in this fashion.

3.) You can post about this giveaway on your blog. To earn an entry for this, you must provide a link to the post in a comment. This can also earn only one entry per person.

Advice: Each entry must be a separate comment, or you may lose a chance at winning.

The contest will end June 15th!

The Prize!!!

Blink Of An Eye by Ted Dekker, published in 2007 by Thomas Nelson, hardcover. It is a revised version of Dekker's original Blink, published in 2002. This version contains an interview about the revision.

You can see my review of the book here.


  1. I'd love to enter!


    2 entries :D

    Awesome giveaway!

  2. I want in.
    My favorite book and why. Hmmm. Most likely it would be Starfire by Stuart Vaughn Stockton. It is really good. It's like LOTR Sci fi style, including high tech machinery that is considered anchient.

  3. GOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We finally got the giveaway :D Wooot :D

    I have never read it :( But I hope to :) I have heard good things about it!


  4. Ok, I will now have to use a different method of randomly picking the winner, as already someone entered twice in a single comment. No offense meant, but I did specify in the rules.

    I'm glad you all enjoy the giveaway!

  5. Oh, I am totally in.
    My favorite book is not something easy to pick...
    but I do love Israel, My Beloved by Kay Arthur.
    -It has a C.S. Lewis/Madeline L'Engle/Ted Dekker -esque take on time/space relationship.
    -I also love the personification of Israel.
    -Oh, and the continuity... like The Source by James Michener, but (let's face it) it's 800 pages shorter.

    Are we still supposed to post twice if we subscribed as well? The first commenter did not do the favorite-book-thing anyways...

  6. No, you no longer have to post twice, but you must still give a link to your blog post if you made one. However, I still encourage you to let me know what your favorite book is and why!

  7. My favorite book/series is the Circle Series by Ted Dekker. I think I have read through the series 3 times now! I am currently reading the newest addition..."Green" so far I LOVE it!!

  8. I am in.
    My name is Isaac Permann and my blog is

  9. oh if forgot to name my fav book, well it is this present darkness by frank peretti!

  10. I would like to be entered please!
    (I'm Following!)

    Ummmm, I don't have a FAVORITE book because I've read so many! But I really love the "Door Within trilogy" and the "Alex Rider" books! There the bomb! :)

  11. I would like to enter. My favorite book . . . hmm, guess I will just put one of my favorites here. Probably either The Hunger Games or Prince Caspian. The Hunger Games left me with this "WOW" feeling. It was different than anything I had ever read. So gruesome and yet the people in it were "good" people. They did right in horrible conditions. The characters were amazing and I loved all of them.

    On the other hand Prince Caspian has never disappointed me. You can read it over and over again and it will still have another layer that you didn't know was there before. It has so many allusions and mythology references. It is also a great allegory.

    Probably one of those . . . or maybe The Count of Monte Cristo - that was unbelievably awesome!

  12. HUZZAH! Cool-looking book!

    Aubraille, I tried the Circle series but didn't really get into them... I might try picking them up again, though, because so many people seemed to like them.

    I am following.

    A few favorite books of mine are: (I could never choose one) Isle of Fire (Batson), The Giver (Lowry), The Jungle Books (Kipling), Alice in Wonderland (Carol)... manymany more. :)

    That should make 2 entries, I believe. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Noah!

  13. Ok - since the rules have changed this is two entries I guess. 1 for following this blog and 1 for my favorite book.

    I think I may have to agree with Aubraille about the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker. I've read this series multiple times and recommended them to everyone. I have quite a few friends and family members hooked on them as well.

    Ted Dekker is an amazinginly talented writer. I love the way he is able to write stories that are so very different from one another and original, but still he has the theme of God's love for us woven throughout all of them. I believe the Circle Trilogy is one of his works where this is most apparent.

  14. This question irritates me, because I can never come up with a good answer. I've contemplated writing a list of all of the books I liked a lot and waiting for some one to ask this so I can dump it on him/her/it... Nonetheless, I'll give one of my favorite books.

    C. S. Lewis, Perelandra

    Such a great book--Lewis once called it the best one he ever wrote. It's a theological inquiry, a vigorous debate, and a pretty good sci-fi novel too. The other books in the Space Trilogy are great too, but this one is the best.

  15. Andrew W. (
    i can't decide which is my favorite, either the DIOM/OOF series by Bryan Davis or BOHC by Ted Dekker.

  16. Andrew W. (
    I am following this Blog.

  17. Andrew W.(
    I have added a link to this page on my Blog, this is the link:

  18. I'd love to enter!
    My sister read this book and says it is really good.
    My favorite book.... Well, I'm not sure if I have a favorite book, but my favorite series is 'The Door Within' trilogy or 'Oracles of Fire'.


  19. I am entering too!

    My favorite book is the Bible, because God wrote it and it is awesome! XD


  20. I'm a follower too. :)

    [I'll try to remember to post about the contest, too.]

  21. I enter! Looks like a really cool book.

  22. Im following hehehe ;) COUNT ME IN!
    Really cool blog.

  23. Oh, I would love to enter for this giveaway! I have never heard of this book, but I am familiar with the author. Fun, fun! :) Can't wait to read it...
    You can contact me via my blog.

    Thanks, Noah!
    ~Miss Raquel

    PS: Oh, and my favorite book...if I HAD to choose, I would say "To Have and To Hold", by Mary Johnston. It has everything that I love in it - adventure, Christian romance, joyful times, sad times, amazing experiences, etc. It's wonderful! Have you ever read it?

  24. I would like to sign-up.

    I already follow your blog so there is one.

    And my favorite book;
    is Rise of The Wyrm Lord by Wayne Thomas Batson. I love this book because I think that Antoinette is so much like me. When I read the book I think that I am Antoinette.

    That or The Dream House Kings series by Robert Liparulo. These are just really good books that I have read and re-read. They are thrillers and over all really good.

    I hope it is Ok that I put down 2.


  25. @Miss Raquel No, I haven't read it, but I will look into it!

  26. Hi Noah! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and telling me about your give away.
    I am a total Ted Dekker nut!
    I know that sounds a lil crazy, but my dad bought me a Frank Peretti book when I was 10, because i didn't like to read and he thought that i wasn't reading my style of books. And he was SO right!
    Ever since Peretti and Dekker did "House" together, I have been following each VERY closely!
    My favorite book by far would have to be "showdown" By Ted Dekker. This was my first Ted Dekker book, and i find it to be his most adrenaline rushing book, and I also find that it some how connects to many if not most of his other books.
    Thank you again for commenting and I would love to follow your blog and hopefully be entered into your give away.
    I do not own blink yet, so it would be very cool to add it to my collection.
    Oh if i happen to win ( which i know is not likely, but still i can hope) You can contact me at my blog. =) Thanks!

  27. My number one favorite book is "Mara: Daughter of the Nile."

    This is one of those books that no matter how many times you re-read it, the story still seems as fresh as the first read. It has just enough suspense to make your heart race, just enough action to make your adrenaline pump, and just enough romance to be realistically sweet. As historical fiction goes, I would say that Mara is the best book I have read to date.

    (Contact via blog)