Monday, February 15, 2010

Rise of the Wyrm Lord review

Rise of the Wyrm Lord, by Wayne Thomas Batson, is an allegorical Christian fantasy fiction with many moral themes. Aidan Thomas, a mid-teen boy, is back on Earth after his adventure in the Land of Alleble. He sets out in search of his old friend Robby, in order to turn him to allegiance with the true King. He meets a new friend at school, Antoinette, who he finds to be Gwenne’s twin on Earth. They talk about his adventures, and Antoinette wishes to go to Alleble herself. She gets the chance when a poem appears on the back of her copy of Alleble’s history. Aidan asks her to find Kearn, Robby’s twin on Alleble, and to convince him to follow the King. She leaves, and Aidan finds out he has gotten an opportunity to go to Maryland, where Robby lives. Antoinette, now in Alleble, finds herself assigned to a mission to set in stone the allegiance with Yewland, for they have been told of things Alleble has required of them, when in fact there were no such things. She must decide whether to complete her mission, or fulfill her promise to Aidan before it is too late.

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  1. Antoinette, Gah! I am not a fan of girl characters as the MC(though I have had several exceptions) and this was one of those times I really did not care for it. I just found her really annoying! Even though--there were some really cool parts. I have to say, I'd rather have Gwenne in the story any day!