Monday, February 15, 2010

Rise of the Dibor review

Rise of the Dibor (The White Lion Chronicles, Book 1)

Rise of the Dibor, by Christopher Hopper is an allegorical christian fantasy in which many moral themes are present. The plot line in a couple sentences would be, “What if Adam and Eve had never sinned? What if mankind knew no wrong? Would we still have an enemy?" The answer is a very strong yes!
Luik, son of king Lair, has been selected along with others to be trained by a seasoned fighter for special combat against the evil being Morgui, who is bent on destroying all that is good. This group, the Dibor, has been chosen to defend Dionia, and it’s people.
Rise of the Dibor is a long and slow book at first. There are many words in the Dionian language, and footnotes must repeatedly be sought each time one is repeated. The editing is also poor, as the spell-checker was relied on a bit heavily, as most of the typos were homophones. The cover could have been a little more interesting, in the sense of drawing in the reader, but the layout of the book was effective. The writing was weak near the beginning, but improved enough near the middle; some characters were not followed through very well also.
Despite the criticism, most of the characters were well developed, his scenes were great, and there was great focus on spiritual warfare, and how we need, and cannot do anything without, Jesus Christ.

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