Monday, February 15, 2010

The Lion Vrie review

The Lion Vrie (The White Lion Chronicles, Book 2)

The Lion Vrie, written by Christopher Hopper, is the second in the White Lion Chronicles. It is an allegorical christian fantasy fiction that contains many moral developments.
It takes place after the great battle which submitted most of Dionia to Morgui’s control. Luik is taken to Mount Dakka, a mountain fortress, to recover. After he has healed, he sets out to Ariel’s now barren ruins to search for the missing Dibor. There, he instead finds Anorra, and they return to Mt. Dakka. At that point, he organizes the inhabitants to fortify the city further to prevent Morgui’s destruction to continue. Luik receives a mysterious summons to the city of Ot, and he and Anorra embark on a quest to find the city, as well as the Knights of the Lion, the Lion Vrie, which may be Dionia’s only hope in defeating Morgui.
The book is written much better than the first. Although the book is a bit slow, there are some very interesting morals being introduced all throughout the story. The use of Dionian language is reduced quite nicely, eliminating much confusion. Morals discussed are friendship, loyalty, honesty, honor, and all the other frequent morals of a medieval society.

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  1. I really didn't use to like this series much..and it's still not my favorite. But admittedly it's grown on me. And--I still remember the killing ending MR. Hopper putin!