Monday, February 15, 2010

Isle of Swords review

Isle of Swords is a pirate fantasy written by Wayne Thomas Batson. It has a sequel called Isle of Fire. A young boy awakens on a beach with no memory at all. A pirate ship passes by, and upon finding the boy, brings him into their crew. This ship, captained by Declan Ross, is heading toward the supposed location of great riches which will insure the retirement of he and the prosperity of his daughter, Anne. The treasure is also sought by an infamous captain, the deadly and ruthless Blackthorne, who wished to eliminate whatever obstacle gets in his way. The treasure on an island is protected by a sacred order of monks, who would rather die than give up it’s location. The pirates must also beware the frightening creature of the deep, as well as the active volcano located on the island. Isle of Swords is well written, with many skillful integrations of moral lessons.

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  1. Ahh..This was the first pirate book I ever read--fond memories :)