Saturday, February 6, 2010

Isle of Fire review

Isle of Fire is an adventurous pirate fiction, the sequel to Isle of Swords. It displays many moral themes, with great plot precision. Declan Ross and his daughter, Anne have teamed up with Commodore Blake to hire his pirate friends to help hunt down the enemy pirates, including Bartholomew Thorne, who has escaped his prison. Cat is asked to join the Brethren’s quest against the dreaded Merchant, and accepts, and gives Anne the opportunity to join him on the sea. She is given permission by Declan, and they track the Merchant to the Isla Secreta, his hideout. Meanwhile, Thorne has sailed to the Raukar tribe, an ancient surviving Viking clan. He enlists their aid and their fiery cannons, which no one could have been prepared for. He sets their fleet out for an attack on England, which Declan has picked up a rumor about. Declan warns his friends and they set out to disrupt Thorne’s plans.

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  1. Aha! I liked this book HUGELY! This is my favorite pirate series ever :D Especially the moment when Cat walks in on Declan and he's asking about a shipmate, and Declan thinks he's asking to marry his daughter. I always start laughing hard!!