Monday, February 15, 2010

The Door Within review

Cover of The Door Within: The Door Within Trilogy - Book One

The Door Within is an allegorical semi-contemporary Christian fantasy fiction in which are many moral themes. It is the first in the Door Within trilogy, written by Wayne Thomas Batson.
The Door Within begins after a family has moved, and their son, Aidan Thomas, is upset about leaving friends and familiar surroundings. He becomes bored and explores their new basement, in which appears scrolls bearing a captivating history of a land called Alleble. Aidan consults his Grampin, who informs him about the land, stating that it is real and he could believe by finding a key within, by imagining crossing a rope bridge across a bottomless chasm to a door. After entering the door in his mind’s eye, it becomes all too real and he ends up in the evil land of Paragory, named after it‘s ruler, Paragor. He is rescued from the evil mountain on which he appeared, and is taken to Alleble, where he finds he has been chosen to be the twelfth knight in a diplomatic group destined for Mithegard, to persuade them to ally with Alleble, before they side with Paragor.

The book was written in a very captivating manner, with cliffhangers at the end of nearly every chapter, and many fantastical elements incorporated into this mythical world. The explanation of scripture and the decision of men is a very clear link to the Bible and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

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  1. Ahh, my first fantasy book ever. Come to think of it..Mr. Batson has given me many firsts LOL! Great book, must have must read :)